About Rough Choir 

ROUGH CHOIR is, to put it simply, mindful ware and organic sound. Our ethos is one of all inclusiveness and to bring about positive change, awareness and to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness one garment and music release at a time.

With each item sold we'll set aside a dollar and at the end of each month send what we've gathered to a mental health organization; which prides itself in progressive research, awareness and change towards mental health in America and abroad.

Furthermore, we believe, through the arts, be it music, poetry, ones personal expression of fashion etc, that one can find healing and peace in these outlets and breed creativity that not only inspires them but those around them, as well.

That's where the 'organic sound' comes in for us. We will additionally be operating as an independent record label. Releasing music by the artists we feel drawn to, the creatives, the ones who don't shy away from going against the grain of their craft and what is expected. -All of this is ROUGH CHOIR.