Chalk Dinosaur - 'Flow State' *DOUBLE CD*


Chalk Dinosaur - 'Flow State' *DOUBLE CD*


We're extremely happy and honored to release Chalk Dinosaur - 'Flow State' for the first time on physical format (DOUBLE* Cassette + CD.) This is our 3RD physical release / #RC003.)

Chalk Dinosaur is John O'Hallaron, a multi-instrumentalist, artist/producer/songwriter who resides in Pittsburgh. His sound, though hard to describe and even harder to put a label on, is a hybrid of sorts. It sways between electronic/psychedelic-rock/funkhop to pure eclecticism of sound! Let's just say you'll be surprised at how little Chalk Dinosaur stays inside the lines of his art; that is to say, this genre-bending sound-smith, that has that rare ability to interweave his own innovations onto his craft. This makes for a refreshingly original sound.

These CD's are of an extremely limited quantity (25) as well as the Tapes (31) - so get a copy while you can! *For each single CD Purchase you receive two CD's (as the amount of music couldn't fit on just one) in a single packaging! For the tapes it's double packaging, so, two shells/tapes!*

'Flow State' TRACKLIST:

1. Studio 4 (06:46)

2. Air Around Us (09:08)

3. Green Fox (05:41)

4. Foster's (05:46)

5. Flow State (12:36)

6. Sci Fi (05:44)

7. Funk Fries (05:58)

8. Donutman (09:02)

9. Let Go (07:56)

10. East Wind (08:52)

11. Darkness and Light (05:38)

12. Groovy Jam (06:13)

13. Imperial (05:03)

14. Breathe On You Crazy Diamond in the Sky (6:36)

15. Space Connector (04:34)

16. Sun Goes Down Again (05:35)

Chalk Dinosaur *Elsewhere online*

Twitter @ChalkDinosaur // Bandcamp // Instagram @Chalk_Dinosaur // Facebook // SoundCloud


Album Cover: Mike and Joe O'Hallaron

Air Around Us: Kevin Vose - saxophone
Foster's: Robert Foster - beatbox
Funk Fries: Robert Foster - vocals, Jamie Stevens and Karen Unger - fries
Groovy Jam: Nick O'Hallaron - guitar, co-writer
Imperial: Nick O'Hallaron - co-writer

Live Versions: Nick O'Hallaron - drums
Beeler 4 written by Nick O'Hallaron

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