Chalk Dinosaur - 'Flow State' *DOUBLE Cassette Tape*


Chalk Dinosaur - 'Flow State' *DOUBLE Cassette Tape*


We're extremely happy and honored to release Chalk Dinosaur - 'Flow State' for the first time on physical format (DOUBLE* Cassette + CD.) This is our 3RD physical release / #RC003.)

Chalk Dinosaur is John O'Hallaron, a multi-instrumentalist, artist/producer/songwriter who resides in Pittsburgh. His sound, though hard to describe and even harder to put a label on, is a hybrid of sorts. It sways between electronic-psychedelic/rock-funkhop to pure eclectism of sound! Let's just say you'll be suprised at how little Chalk Dinosaur stays inside the lines of his art; that is to say, this genre-bending sound-smith, that has that rare ability to interweave his own innovations onto his craft. This makes for a refreshingly original sound.

These tapes are of an extremely limited quantity (31) as well as the CD's (25) - so get a copy while you can! *For each single Tape Purchase you receive two tapes as the amount of music couldn't fit on just one! For the CD's it's single packaged but holds two CD's for the same reason!*

'Flow State' TRACKLIST:

1. Studio 4 (06:46)

2. Air Around Us (09:08)

3. Green Fox (05:41)

4. Foster's (05:46)

5. Flow State (12:36)

6. Sci Fi (05:44)

7. Funk Fries (05:58)

8. Donutman (09:02)

9. Let Go (07:56)

10. East Wind (08:52)

11. Darkness and Light (05:38)

12. Groovy Jam (06:13)

13. Imperial (05:03)

14. Breathe On You Crazy Diamond in the Sky (6:36)

15. Space Connector (04:34)

16. Sun Goes Down Again (05:35)

Chalk Dinosaur *Elsewhere online*

Twitter @ChalkDinosaur // Bandcamp // Instagram @Chalk_Dinosaur // Facebook // SoundCloud


Album Cover: Mike and Joe O'Hallaron

Air Around Us: Kevin Vose - saxophone
Foster's: Robert Foster - beatbox
Funk Fries: Robert Foster - vocals, Jamie Stevens and Karen Unger - fries
Groovy Jam: Nick O'Hallaron - guitar, co-writer
Imperial: Nick O'Hallaron - co-writer

Live Versions: Nick O'Hallaron - drums
Beeler 4 written by Nick O'Hallaron

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